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I founded the shop with love for our animal friends, with love for our beautiful Planet and above all with love for myself. I am convinced that we all have to choose - to live lives according to our preferences! There are almost unlimited possibilities for this. Nowadays, we voluntarily choose what to eat, what to buy on ourselves, who to chat with or where to go on holiday. Everything is about free decision making.

                                                                                                  It is so simple!


I would like to inspire to redirect the mind and our own intentions. To realize that we can choose products that not only help protect our planet and animals from unnecessary burdens and threats, they will also contribute to a big change here and now! I was looking for something that would correspond to my thinking. Here on the market we see mostly hemp, organic cotton or linen bags, which we use more for shopping or trips or just hurry to the city. Of course, it is also in my home, I take it with me occasionally, just available and not get lost. Unfortunately, we can find another possible option in the "Chinese" shops. They jump on us at every corner and offer insane artificial something, full of something! And we definitely do not want to support it and we will never be!

It is very important for many people to keep their style and taste. It should be a duty to protect nature, love animals, not hurt anyone, and yet feel beautiful in your outfit and perfectly - be IN. It is good that today's time gives us this chance and I took it to its fullest.
I am delighted to convey for all vegan lovers slow fashion unique handbags with a story. Careful selection of vendors with vegan fashion is becoming imminent. To begin with, I will introduce you to the 100% vegan brand Gunas and then I will add suppliers who really resonate with me. Also, other brands I want to support and thus convey their message further.

I am convinced that the fashion world is not worth abandoning, just rethinking certain established attitudes. Vegan fashion seems to be just as playful and even more creative and beautiful than we can imagine. Everyone will enjoy this world - vegan, not vegan, just anyone who really cares about it. That's what's going on here.

If you are looking for a city purse, office, a drink with a friend or a theater, I think The Choice is the right peaceful place to buy!



                                                                                            ... I'm always here for you, Your Veronika


Just a little bit about packaging material

All products are carefully packed into 100% recyclable, antistatic, non-toxic, protective and environmentally friendly bubble wrap that meets European Union guidelines.

The boxes are, of course, paper, and sometimes it may happen that you get used up. This is to avoid unnecessary waste.

I use sticky tape instead of plastic, which is not suitable and ideal. The paper tape is recyclable and contains natural rubber based adhesive. It also does not contain solvents and other toxic, hardly degradable elements.